Company Introduction
APIS corporation is emerging provider of fishing rod.
APIS specializes in developing and manufacturing a full line of sophisticated fishing material and sports supplies.
APIS was founded in 1992. Even thought APIS has been only six years in this industry, APIS is manufacturing the best fishing rod with the best engineer and best staff through the researching and develping.
APIS products have been manufactured and shipped to the major buyers in Korea.
United States, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and ten other foreign countries.
Specially, for thouse Japan exporting products are manufacturing by APIS patents (guide, reel seat, etc) which was obtained from the Japan and our Japanese customers are very satisfied with our products.
APIS means Ace Production In Sports, like a company's logo, APIS is seeking a brand new concept in sports suppliers.
APIS is a team of talented, ethical, and motivated individuals, committed to providing our worldwide customer with products and service that create extraordinary levels of satisfaction.
We'll guarantee customer's best satisfaetion.
Company History
2012. 11. Corporation establishment
2014. 1. Transfer of business to current location (59, OTGOL-RO, DONG-GU, DAEGU KOREA)
2016. 1. Rename to APIS
2017. 3. Certified as a Start-Up Company
2017. 8. Freshwater fishing rod CHEON NYEON JI KI was launched
2017. 8. Boat Lure fishing rod OSCAR series were launched(Red sea bream, Rockfish , Hairtail , Octopus , Jigging etc)
2018. 3. Freshwater fishing rod CHEON NYEON JI KI GOLD was launched
2018. 8. Selected as Pre-Star Company in Daegu Korea.
2018. 8. The first export contract with China
2019. 4. New OSCAR lure fishing rod series were launched(Popping, Tip-Run Eging, Monter Tako, Monster Tako Max, Light Jigging, Rubber Jigging,Metalsutte, Ikametal)
2019. 9. Freshwater fishing rod JORAKMUKUK was launched
2019. 11. Awarded for Best Sports Companies in the Region (Daegu , KOREA)
2019. 12. Received the Excellence Award from the 15th Sports Industry Awards(Commendation from minister, KOREA)
Countries Exported to
American, Japan, China, Italy, Taiwan, Europe etc....